Law School

University of Dayton School of Law

Graduation Year


States Barred


Current City

Dublin, Ohio

Areas of Practice

  • Wills, Trusts & Estates
  • Tax Law
  • Securities
  • Real Estate
  • Landlord/tenant
  • Construction Law
  • Business (transactional)


I am founder and Lawyer at Slawinski Law. The focus of my firm is to help entrepreneurs, investors, and business owners raise capital and navigate the legal landscape of owning a business and/or real estate. I have a broad range of experience in my career as a law student and lawyer.  I  worked for a Criminal Law firm where I researched and drafted motions to suppress evidence and prepared exhibits for trial. I  Worked in a legal aid clinic where I drafted wills and helped clients navigate other Family Law related issues.  Most recently I was an attorney at a real estate firm where I helped clients with the acquisition and disposition of investment real estate, as well as researched and drafted legal opinions and motions when our clients faced real estate related disputes. I also developed a unique skill as a financial analyst when I worked for a real estate investment firm where I helped acquire almost $500,000 worth of investment grade real estate. I believe in efficiency, continual improvement in my skill and services I provide to my clients, and professionalism in every aspect of my practice. I love helping others grow their business and success and believe that is the secret to a fulfilled life, and look forward to helping you in yours. 

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