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Running your law firm shouldn’t be this hard. Are you running your business... Or is it running you?

Aggregate Law connects you with experienced freelance attorneys on a project by project basis. We make it easy for you to do more!

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Connecting Smart Lawyers

We connect smart lawyers and help you hire experienced legal talent -- FAST.
Our network of vetted, experienced attorneys are ready work for you.

How it Works

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1. Post a Job

Post your job and tell us what you need. For $99 we will match you with an attorney from our network that fits the bill.

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2. Get Connected

We match you with an attorney that can work on your schedule for the price you name. We’ll send you an email when we’ve found them and you take it from there.

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3. Do More!

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Now you can do more -- Network, write that business plan, or take a much needed vacation. Increasing your efficiency increases your bottom line.

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